York Management provides investors with professional property management, Tenant screening, and a complete accounting package, allowing them to be totally hands-free, if they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I’m buying single family homes to rent out. Why do I need a property manager? 
A: Many successful investors do not wish to spend their time on the day-to-day management of their properties. They would rather be looking for other buying opportunities. Some investors do not have the experience, knowledge or expertise to handle day-to-day Tenant issues; while others live out of state or outside the country, making effective self-management impossible.

Q: I am pretty familiar with the market, but want to make sure I’m buying in good rentable neighborhoods. Can you help me locate good properties, as well? 
A: Absolutely. Marathon Realty Group helps you locate & buy the property, and find you a Tenant. York Management then qualifies the Tenant and manages the
property while it is rented. When it’s time to sell, Marathon Realty markets the property for you. We call this BUY, RENT & SELL process, our “CRADLE TO
GRAVE” service.

Q: How will I know a particular property is a good investment financially, on a month-to-month basis; I don’t want negative cash-flow? 
A: We will work all the numbers for you, so that you will know what your income & expenses should be. Here’s an example: a client of ours recently purchased a 5 year old, 1500 sq ft, 3/2/2 in North Port, FL and paid $ 92,000 cash. We rented the property for $ 950.00 per month, or $ 11,400 per year. His monthly expenses are: property taxes $ 130.00; insurance $ 65.00; maintenance (est.) $ 95.00; management $ 95.00, for a total of $ 385.00, or $ 4,620 per year. This gives the investor a cash flow of $ 6,780 per year & a return of 7.4%.

Q: I’m looking to find a property that I can fix up and resell quickly for a profit. Can you help me? 
A: Yes. Here again, we will direct you to neighborhoods that this works best in. we will provide you with the market research and data to support the purchase of any property. There are foreclosure and short sale opportunities currently, that may meet your needs, as well.

Q: What else can you do to help me? 
A: We will do market studies, property assessments, provide property tax
information, check for liens, check old permits, provide insurance assistance, and arrange home and other property inspections, as necessary.